Our history

The European Foods business of today has a long history in Perth’s food industry. It was created and established from the Re family’s existing retail outlets which traded as The Re Stores. The wholesale and distribution business has grown and developed over the years to be the largest specialty Food and Beverage business in Western Australia. This business was founded, managed and run by the Re family and its descendants for the last 60 years.

This is the story of that growth.

1 June 1960

European Foods officially was registered as a business. Our first location was on the corner of 316 Aberdeen Street and Cleaver Streets.

January 1969

Our growing business needed a larger location and so we moved to 95-101 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge.

Late 1977

As our distribution business grew, we established our own warehouse at 82-84 Francis Street.

In 1978 our two locations were joined.


Further expansion led to the acquisition and construction of 77-83 Francis Street warehouse.


Completion of the construction of a modern, 3 level office block finished at 93 Aberdeen Street.


A new distribution and cheese production centre was built at 86-88 Francis Street.

Late 2007

Development of a bespoke coffee production facility was completed at 85 Francis Road – and the building was joined with its neighbour to create 77-85 Francis Street.


The Re family descendants sold the business to the Yukich family in June 2018. The Yukich family have a similar history of generational family business based in the Swan Valley and the wine industry.

Swan Valley


In August 2019, European Foods Marketplace is created in Osbourne Park as the new Cash & Carry for the company. THis site is home to The Cheese Cathedral, Australia's largest specialty cheese fridge (pictured).


Completion of the new facility in the Swan Valley in September 2019. All offices, storage, manufacturing and distribution now operating from the Swan Valley.

Swan Valley


May 2020, the second Marketplace store is opened in the Swan Valley creating the Swan Valley Marketplace.

Swan Valley


We continue to put food experience first, our destinations are custom-created for food lovers. With flavours, trends and innovation delivered through our exclusive gourmet ranges, we aim to inspire all cooks to create and share the very best flavours.