Not only do we source products from the best suppliers around the world, but our facilities, equipment and procedures are also HACCP
certified to ensure food hygiene and safety is prioritised at every at every stage of manufacturing and distribution.  We are committed to:

  • Trading with suppliers who have certified HACCP systems, or similar food safety management systems, in place
  • Running an established warehouse facility located, constructed and maintained according to sanitary design principles
  • Storing products under ideal conditions and according to correct environmental conditions (i.e. temperature and humidity)
  • Using equipment constructed and installed according to sanitary design principles
  • Following comprehensive procedures for the cleaning and sanitation of equipment
  • Strict traffic control and authorized access to warehouse and storage facilities
  • Ensuring all employees receive documented training in personal hygiene, personal safety sanitation procedures and their role in the HACCP program
  • Verifying that all products have well written specifications for all ingredients, products and origin of the products


For more than 50 years, European Foods has prided itself on delivering the highest quality products, combined with exceptional levels of customer service.