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Past Events 

11th - 20th MARCH 2021

13th MARCH - 10am-2pm

Chef Rafaela is prepping the following - to share with you!
* Tiropita - Baked Feta in Phyllo
* Loukoumades (Greek doughnut balls) with Honey & Nuts
20TH MARCH - 10am-2pm

Join our FREE Festival in store and enjoy tastings and entertainment
* Olive Spreads, Olives, Balsamics and EVOO from The Food Philosopher
* Phyllo Spirals filled with Spinach/Feta and Feta/Ricotta from Antoniou Pastry
* Seafood Salads from Fremantle Octopus
* Keflograviera, Halloumi and Feta Cheeses from The Cheese Cathedral
* Loukoumades by Chef Rafaela
* Bouzouki with Michael Anastas
* Greek Dancing