About Us

European Foods Wholesalers procure and produce
the finest European-style foods and beverages for
the food service sector. We are uniquely able to
purchase delicious international goods, and to
procure the very best Australian products. We take
great pride in our large and growing Western
Australian produce including cheeses, crackers,
chocolates, nuts and many other essential and
luxury items.

How we work

To give you the best ordering solution, we have three ways you can contact us.

  1. talk to customer service on (08) 9227 2222
  2. email customer service at [email protected]
  3. Contact your key account manager to place your order or be set up on e-connect, our online ordering platform.

Whichever way you order, the process is seamless all the way through to delivery.

Yellow Bee- WA Premium Honey

Yellow Bee WA Premium Honey is ethically harvested from some of Western Australia’s most isolated and unspoiled bushland. Our honey is raw, pure, and natural. That means no additives, filtering or heat treatment.